SPN10 Countdown Challenge - [6/23]

9x06 - Heaven Can’t Wait - Hello & Goodbye

I never noticed how Dean looks back at Cas before driving away.

So, when Dean first arrives, he stares at Cas from a distance. And then, the last scene of Dean is similarly looking back at Cas when Cas isn’t looking.

I’ve always thought that the relationship between Dean and Cas was a mutual awareness of how fucked up they are, where they trust eachother entirely. I think this started when they set up that trap for Raphael, developed in purgatory, and more during the Motel Hunter Heroici scene. You know how you might have that one friend you don’t hang out with as often as you do or as much as you’d like? But when you do, you have in-depth conversations and trust each other? I know that look, it’s the look of concern and interest. When you concentrate on trying to figure something out. So now the question is- what is Dean trying to figure out?